Finding Your Inner Beauty: The Alternative Route

In today’s world, there are about a thousand different paths a woman can take to reveal her inner beauty. With society continually setting high standards of beauty for us all, this can often give companies and industries the freedom to capitalize upon our insecurities as a means of making money. But with so many commercials, products, and ideas out there of what a woman should do, how are we to know which path is right for us?

Being the observant, people-watching, social scientist that I am, I’ve concluded is that there really is no “right way” for a woman to go about bringing out her inner beauty. A woman’s beauty is actually in fact, always there! It is simply a matter of learning who you are and what you need in order for you to feel the beauty that you exude. It all comes down to finding the perfect formula that works for you and your body. I know for me personally, a large part of my “beauty formula” includes taking the time for lots of self care, as well as taking care of my body in the most natural and non-toxic way possible. Here’s a few ways I’ve evolved my personal care regimen to include a more organic and unprocessed approach to tending to my body, loving myself, and bringing out my inner beauty for everyone to see:

Old Approach: Your standard, post-make up face scrub, exfoliation, and moisturizer.

New Approach: A rosehip-based facial cleanser with konjak sponge. For exfoliation, mix in sugar with the cleanser and use a washcloth to scrub. A few drops of rosehip oil serves as a phenomenal moisturizer as well.

Old Approach: Argan oil, coconut milk, eggs, and other hair treatments for growing your hair longer and making it strong and shiny.

New Approach: Stir in a half tablespoon of diatomaceous earth into a daily beverage and your hair will grow faster than any other product I’ve ever used! Adding lyposomal Vitamin C to your daily vitamin regimen is also great, as it not only makes your hair more manageable, but also leaves it looking gorgeously shiny too!

Old Approach: Stick or spray-based deodorant

New Approach: Apple cider vinegar! This is by far, the best alternative option to deodorant that I’ve ever used! Just dab a little on a cotton ball as soon as you are out of the shower and I guarantee you won’t need to reapply for at least 24 hours.

Old Approach: Anti-aging serums and creams to keep you looking young and fresh.

New Approach: Just drink water! Keeping yourself hydrated is the easiest and healthiest way you can keep your glowing skin wrinkle-free. I recommend carrying water with you at all times to remind yourself to keep on hydrating.

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