I’m Doing Me Right Now

Drake said it best in his song Over. It may at first sound selfish, but it is the essence of more love and happiness in your life and the world. “Do you boo” in all your glory. Wear what you feel incredible in. Get fit for your health. Go live big. Cliche as it may be “New Year, New You” is an empowering way to really make changes in your life for the good. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to do it all. Start small with the simple things. In the middle of the day take a deep breath and let everything go for a minute or two. At the end of the day run through in your head all the things to be thankful for.
The New Year always brings this type of feeling and why not use it? Here are 5 Do You’s to get started.
1. Be you – It all starts here, with being yourself. Look inward to see who you are and the best parts you want to shine through.
2. Meditate – Even if its just for a minute. It is guaranteed to slowly bring you peace and a focused mind.
3. Exercise- For your health not just your body. It will release the best endorphins and keep you going even on days you might be feeling down.
4. Find your purpose – Try new things, tap in to your passions to find your purpose.
5. Pamper yourself – It’s ok, and when you “do you” it will feel so good. Buy a new outfit, start a new beauty routine, get extra sleep. Everyone around you will be happy you did.
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