Body Posi Instagram Pages You NEED To Follow

In terms of body posi IG pages, unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you follow our girls @IAmIskra, @NourishAndEat, @ItsRachaelForster, @TheAshleyGraham, @CrystalRenn, etc. Surrounding yourself with body love can be a great way to take back the power that “thinspiration” pages and body bullies have attempted to take away. Here are just a few more of the countless body positive IG pages you may need in your life.


Body positive, feminist, mother, artist. What’s not to love? She inspires us to love ourselves, our bodies, and the world around us.


Reminding us to never forget our self-worth, and showing us that making ourselves happy is more important than being what any man, or person, wants us to be. Melinda Alexander inspires us to #getfree from the pressures that hold us back.


Daily reminders that food is to be enjoyed, not obsessed over or counted. Whether you are recovering for an eating disorder or not, Abby will help you to heal your negative thoughts about food.

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