Nature Heals Everything – Including Body Image?

According to Quartz, boy policymakers and scientists are in agreement that everyone should have access to green areas. The ability to spend time in nature is conducive to exercise and activity. Studies and surveys show that those living in places with more green areas have less anxiety, sadness, and anger.

Viren Swami, author of the Quartz article, and colleagues, decided to study the effects nature has on body image, as body image is a very important aspect of mental health. They studied about 400 US adults and had them report their amount of “exposure to nature,” as well as their “body appreciation” and self-esteem. The study, published in the “Body Image” journal, found that those who reported more exposure to nature also reported better body appreciation. This was shown to be true for both women and men in the study.

Appreciating the beauty of the natural world can definitely help you to appreciate the beauty of your own natural body.

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