Her Sister with Cerebral Palsy is the Reason She Dropped Out, but She Didn’t Stay Out

We are total suckers for a good commercial, and this one from Gatorade took our breath away today. Elena Delle Donne of the Chicago Sky WNBA team’s ad for the Win from Within campaign is insanely good.

The ad starts with beautiful panoramic shots of Chicago and Donne explaining she feels as though her time with the Sky is fate. We are then taken through her story of dropping out of college to be with her deaf and blind sister. Donne says, “Everyone thinks I came home to help her, but she was the one helping me, getting me out of the worst rut of my life. She gives me perspective.”

It only gets progressively more beautiful until each person is left wanting to feel the wind on their face. This story between women of strength is gorgeous in the most raw way, and the viewer feels as though they’ve just stepped into this world created by the Donne sisters for just a moment.

Take the two minutes and watch it. You might enjoy the wind tomorrow a little differently.