This Little Girl Was Completely Mistreated When She Dressed Like a Homeless Kid

Everyone has inherent biases that go with us in our daily decisions, but this one really hurt. UNICEF did a social experiment with a young girl in Georgia that goes to show what you look like really does matter and determine how you’re treated.

You, reader, obviously care somewhat about your projection to the world. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading a magazine that has a focus in fashion. Being body positive doesn’t mean we don’t want to look nice, it just means we recognize that everyone is beautiful because they are an individual anyway. How you present yourself is your choice, but we sometimes forget how much of a different it can make.

UNICEF dressed a young girl up as a homeless child and in her regular clothes to see if she was treated differently. At the end of the day, she’s a young Georgian girl no matter what, but your appearance makes a huge difference. She’s proof. Sad, sad proof.

Check out the video below.