The Cult Lipstick Brand You Need to Have for Fall

Sephora is a magical place, but their brands are not necessarily the be all end all for what is totally fabulous for your face. If you haven’t heard of Gold Label Cosmetics, you’re going to want to put them on your list because mmmmohmygosh.

This brand may be small, but it is super mighty. When I say that I brought a group of friends to try some on who could wear foundations in the range of cloud to ebony and everyone found a color they liked, I am not lying.  

There are two current lip products in their arsenal. The lipstick is ultra moisturizing, and the color is thick. No need to apply 45 times, and the staying power is pretty legit. You will see it on a straw, but it will also keep on your face. And at $14, it might make me give up NARS. It MIGHT.

The matte lip pens are $20 each, and are massively cool. You’ll need to click to get the color to come through the applicator, but it will easily glide on for a smooth application. After a few minutes, you’ll feel that glossiness die down, and the color on your lips because a smooth matte that is not going anywhere.

For the small range that they have, the brand made sure to find a color that would appease and look beautiful on everyone. So, as you’re looking for that new fall shade, check out Thanks, Malbec, Dark Children, Nairobi, and the other fantastic offerings from Gold Label.

Needless to say, I’m 100% obsessed.

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