Misty Copeland’s New Diet Book is Already Being Criticized

We at the Riot totally love Misty Copeland. She’s beautiful, breaking down diversity barriers left and right, and is an all around pretty fabulous person. We are just really hoping that the choice of words on her book don’t necessarily match the ones on the pages.

Misty posted this on Facebook this morning, and we totally aree not stunned. Misty definitely has the “body beautiful” by society’s standards, but she also works very hard for it to look that way. Her releasing a book about her diets, workouts, and other tips and tricks which she is constantly being asked about anyway isn’t wrong, it’s good business. Make that money, honey.

The piece that didn’t catch our eye did catch a few others and prompted conversations around the word “lighter.”

In short, words matter (ahem, Lena Dunham). But really, we hope the marketing team at Grand Central Publishing takes that into account and not just votes for A or B. Triggers can happen, and there are better words out there.


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