Stop Calling it Yo-Yo Dieting, It’s Not a Game

Yesterday People reported on Mo’Nique flaunting her reported weight loss in her Instagram posts showing her dance workouts. It seems she is one of many celebrities who have constantly either being criticized for weight gain or praised for weight loss, back and forth, over the years. Oprah, Kirstie Alley, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson have all faced similar criticism, and they are not the only ones.

The term most commonly used in criticizing these celebs’ bodies is “Yo-Yo dieting.” These stars are shamed by the media for their weight going up and down, again and again, over the years. They are accused of constantly going back and forth from “dieting,” or working hard in some way, to lose weight, to letting go of those diets and gaining weight back. This criticism is unfair and, beyond that, utterly ridiculous.

First of all, how can we possibly assume that weight loss is a result of dieting or even a result of TRYING to lose weight? We can’t. And we cannot assume a person is eating junk food or not exercising when they gain weight either. There are countless reasons for weight loss or gain that have nothing to do with trying or not trying to change your habits or your body.

Second, WHO CARES? Who are we to criticize or judge weight loss, or weight gain, diet or no diet? Dieting is an individual choice. Working out is an individual choice. Your health is your business. Whether your weight fluctuates or not, whether you make a conscious choice to change your body or not, no one has any right to criticize your body or your lifestyle. “Yo-Yo” weight changes are not a game, and they are not to be criticized. In fact, it is safe to guess many people, possibly even most people, experience weight fluctuation multiple times throughout their lives. Bodies change, and that is not a game, nor is it a flaw.

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