Mom Blogger Posts Before and After to Remind Us that Thinner Doesn’t Have to Equal Better

Recently, UK blogger Laura Mazza posted an inspiring side-by-side of her body pre- and post-pregnancy. She explained that, in the “before” photo, she was primarily living off of meat alone, with zero carbs and few vegetables. Mazza was taking progress photos constantly, and was never satisfied enough with her weight loss. She suffered from heartburn and hated the food she ate, but she continued with the miserable regimen because she was losing weight. People admired her body and asked her what her exercise regimen was. To others, she looked fit, even healthy. In reality, she was miserable.

In her “after” photo, her body appears larger. Cellulite and stretch marks are visible. Her tummy is no longer flat. Her limbs are no longer as thin. She calls her belly button “droopy” and mentions that she no longer has the protruding bones that she used to crave. At first, she was ashamed of this body. Now, she is proud of it. Mazza explains that this new body shape is a result of eating and enjoying “everything,” including carbs, desserts, wine, and chicken nuggets. She says her food is “not always healthy but 99% of it is,” and reminds herself that her “jiggly tummy” and stretch marks are the result of growing a human. She says, “I have achieved more with this body,” and “I’ve lived more, I’ve given more, I’ve enjoyed more.”

Where in the past Mazza says she felt pressured into loving this post-baby body that she was not happy in, she now truly understands the concept of cherishing  “all body types and the stories that go with that body.” Mazza reminds us that being mentally healthy is what we should focus on, and that however that reflects in our bodies, we should embrace it.

If you find yourself comparing your body to other people’s bodies, or even to past versions of your own body that may not have been as natural for you, realize that the body you have now is a result of living the full, happy life that you are living now. That is something to be damn proud of, the beautiful, free life that your body reflects.