Nike Claims Serena Williams to be the Greatest Athlete of All Time

Cue the tears, Nike’s new ad has us grabbing our own crowns and saluting Queen Serena. Nike works with a lot of athletes, but to consider Serena the greatest of all time? Wow.

The ad from agency Wieden + Kennedy simply takes you through a shortened timeline of Serena’s exciting, yet tumultuous career. The music, simplicity in font, and gorgeous shots are everything until you get to the last frame. Straight up goosebumps.

One huge step for women everywhere – a woman being named the greatest athlete ever. A minority woman at that. Let’s go.

We love Nike and the work that they’re doing to be more inclusive, but this might take the cake for a while. Unless you can prove us wrong, and create something we love even more. Your move, Nike.

Check out the ad below!

It’s her world, and we’re just fortunate enough to watch her reign.

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