Spoon University is the GOAT for this BoPo Article

If you’re a millennial who is into food, you have probably heard of Spoon University. What’s super exciting, is that they released an email ad that is totally celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.

Vegan foodie, Allie Fenwick, wrote the article, and we’re obsessed. First of all, shout out to you Allie. Not just for bringing attention to the kinds of bodies that we should be consuming on IG, but also for celebrating yourself. Get. It. Girl.

We are 100% here for it. But also, you totally picked three of our fave ladies! Allie’s choices were the fabulous:

Madelyn Moon:


Chelsey Weinmann:

and the ever lovable, Megan Crabbe:

Seriously though. There are some amazing BoPo people out there, but you chose well, Allie. Let us know if you’re every down to chat. We’re loving you and your message.

Raw food. Raw bodies. Solid.

See Allie’s original article here!


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