The Sports Bra Game Just Changed Dramatically

Whether it’s yoga, dance, running or weightlifting, we appreciate a good workout. But, one of the unique challenges of being curvy is finding a sports bra that is actually supportive and not constricting. Or even finding a single bra that can get the job done.

With this revolutionary company, we may have found the answer to all of those pesky sports bra problems. They are called Bloom Bras, and they have created a thoughtful and supportive sports bra for curvy women, ranging from sizes 30D-44K.

What makes this bra so special is the meticulous and sleek design. From the adjusters in the cups to help them fit your body, the front zip for easy removal, the moisture wicking fabric and oh yeah did we mention, no underwire. That’s right, no more painful pieces of metal smashing you when you’re killing it on your morning run. Also, the adjustable straps are designed to take the pressure off your shoulders, for a truly comfortable fit. In short, this company thought of everything.

Elyse Kaye is the CEO and founder of this groundbreaking entity that will change your workouts forever. She created this bra because she is a yogi, a runner, a dancer and more, but she struggled to find a bra that supported her through all of her workouts. So, she made one. She also named the company after her grandmother who sadly lost her battle with breast cancer. As a beautiful tribute to her and the millions of women suffering because of this disease, when you purchase one these bras, you’ll also have the opportunity to donate bras to breast cancer survivors.        

The company is on Kickstarter ( right now with less than two weeks left on its campaign. Visit their page to get your Bloom Bra and learn more about this amazing brand.