Crossfit Taught Me to Love Myself

When you start Crossfit part of the joining process is basically agreeing to talk about it all the time.  Kind of like a fight club initation.  First rule of Crossfit – Constantly talk about Crossfit.

When I first joined Devivant, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was looking for a new challenge, I fell in love with training the year before and was really starting to see some changes in my body shape and my fitness levels. I was kicking the guys’ butts at the gym.

Then, I injured my back and was out of the gym for nearly 3 months.  When I started back at the gym, I was a lone wolf.  BIG mistake, I had zero motivation. It was soul destroying. Honestly I started to understand how Harry Potter felt when the Dementors got hold of him.

So, I enquired about a trial at Devivant. The morning of, I had totally talked myself out of going, but something told me I shouldn’t.

Fast forward 6 months and I love every minute of it, well maybe not all the burpees, but it has totally taken over my life. in the best way.

It’s not just the training that Crossfit gives you, its the support network that comes with it. Friends are the family you choose, right?

People are so quick these days to put themselves down and reject compliments for fear of being seen to be arrogrant or loving themselves; that’s one of the hardest parts of Crossfit. Accepting people telling you you smashed a WOD or having people celebrate a PB with you and meaning it? We’re constantly told to not do those things, to be humble, but we should be celebrated. Because each of us is beautiful.

That’s why I Crossfit. Because it’s a community of people celebrating each other’s successes, and telling you it’s okay to celebrate your own. Celebrate your achievements, tell the world how hard you trained.

It isn’t easy, and neither is Crossfit, but most good things aren’t.