The #MomFinTop Movement is Stupid, Not Empowering

With each day, it seems like there is a new body image trend to find on the internet in support women’s bodies. And while it can be a good thing, it can further separate women into more categories than we already are, and encourage one thing while downing another.

We’ve seen it with the mermaid thighs trend, and now a woman has started her own hashtag, #MomFinTop, in light of her muffin top after having three children.

She went on to say on her blog on Baby Center, “Oh, oh, oh! Did I mention the #MomfinTop is at its best while in the plank position? Moms, you know what I mean. There you are, transitioning to downward facing dog, or doing those crazy mountain climbers that are part of pretty much every Beach Body workout video ever created. Then, you happen to glance down at your midsection, and notice, with horror, the skin hanging there like a curtain between your boobs and your hips.Talk about being humbled. But hey, we all have it. So why not show off our #MomfinTops?”

It’s not a horror, it’s your body.

While I won’t be getting behind the #MomFinTop crusade, all I can do is hope that women can start to create positive spaces for them to feel empowered about their bodies without making fun, or naming all the reasons as to why your body looks the way it does.

Something humbling even more than doing planks when you’re curvy? Actually accepting the beauty your body has.

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