The Ugly Duckling Process

As I sit at the Box talking to all the girls about wanting to lose weight, wishing we had legs like Clare or abs like Ali and generally just wishing our gains would be noticeable like yesterday, I started to think about all the girls at training.  Every single one of us is on some kind of ‘journey’.  It’s such a cliche but it’s very appropriate.

From such a young age, girls see celebrities who are supposed to have the perfect bodies. Slim, petite, no cellulite, no bingo wings, minus thunder thighs etc. The media love a good ‘best and worst dressed’ article after a red carpet event, and who can forget all the unflattering beach pictures they print of slightly overweight or out of shape female celebrities.  Is it any wonder we are constantly trying the next diet fad or spending a fortune on magic pants?! Btw, one would expect them to be a bit sexier than a bin bag after the money you’ve spent on them, but no!

There are some people who are naturally slim and can eat everything and anything, and then there’s me.  I only have to be in the same room as a chocolate and I can already feel my waist expanding.  For years I wanted to lose weight, be skinny and was unhappy with how I looked and then I found Crossfit.

Courtesy of luanaafalcao Instagram


Its not the training that’s changed the way I see myself in the mirror, it’s all the hot girls that train at Devivant.  If you asked any of the girls at training if they wanted to be skinny, I’m pretty sure the standard response would be, “Hell no, I want muscles!”  A friend at training said to me she was once obssesed with become a certain weight and be skinny now she’s obssesed with lifting heavier weights and is happier.  Every single girl at Devivant trains their bollocks off to look good, and have worked consistently to achieve it.

I am the first one to admit I follow numerous female celebrities on social media wishing I looked as good as they do, and wanting to feed them cake because why should they just be so damn lucky to look like that.  Then I have a bit of a word with myself and remember what social media fails to show you….how hard they’ve worked to look like that and how hard they work to maintain it.

Now don’t get me wrong, if I woke up one morning with a body like Shakira I wouldnt be complaining.  I’ve stopped looking for a quick fix and accepted it’s going to take time and hard work.  The hard work will make it even sweeter when I reach my goals.

It’s easy to see the finished product and forget that they’ve had their own journey and body struggles.

I call it my uckly duckling process.  One day I might be a graceful, toned hot mess, untill then I’m just gonna have fun on the way.

Everybody wants what everyone else has.  Stop comparing the start of journey to someone who’s already completed theirs!

Embrace what you’ve got because there is someone out there admiring you for it.