How About a Side of Fitness with Your Big Mac?

Recently McDonald’s offered fitness trackers as a toy with their Happy Meals. Surprised or confused? Us too.

It is no secret that the MdDonald’s fast food chain is not exactly known for promoting healthy habits. The brand is constantly criticized for their lack of any truly healthy meal options.

The McDonald’s fitness tracker could be viewed as an attempt to salvage the company’s reputation, as they have historically been known as “unhealthy.” Or, it could be a stepping stone in, perhaps, a potential strategy for the company to keep up in the era of fitness trackers, organic everything, and non-GMO ingredients.

It is also possible that there is no desire to change the unhealthy image of McDonald’s food. Perhaps the idea of the fitness trackers is to promote some idea of balance. The food may be unhealthy, but anything in moderation and regular exercise makes that not so bad? Though, if that is the case, the concept “making up for” or even “punishing” for eating junky fast food is not so healthy either.

No one knows what to make of this move, McDonald’s. In what is perhaps an attempt to win us over, you seem to be confusing us more. We’ll take a side of your fries though.

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