The Curve Dance Group You Have to Watch

If you got a chance to see Serayah’s Empire music video Look But Don’t Touch, you’ve probably also been able to see Charity Holloway and her dance group, 4 Thirty-Two, do their own dance routine to the hit song. The group includes about 20 curve women of all sizes, doing their thing and it’s such a fun video to watch.

Holloway recently said to USA Today, “I just feel like when I’m dancing, I can be whoever I want to be. It’s just natural for me and it allows me to fully express myself creatively. Everybody would always come up to me like, ‘Oh, you’re so good.’ Like, people were shocked that a plus-size woman could move the way I was moving, that I had that much energy. But I just knew that there were other women out there that were like me. Like, I know I’m not the only plus-size woman who gets those type of comments. I’m not the only plus-size woman who can move.”

Holloway says she wants the group to debunk a lot of the assumptions people have about curvy women’s limitations and what they can do in creative fields. Tearing down stereotypes about women and having a good time twerking while doing it? Sounds like a good plan to me.