• Brittany Palmer

    Love this, especially #5 :]]

  • Alyssa

    “Remember that all I do, I do with self love”- YES! And goodness I once tortured my body with artificial sweeteners- 10 calorie jellos, diet sodas: YUCK! Those take a beating on our bodies when we have them in excess for sure. Thank you for inspiring so many <3

    • I can definitely relate and sadly I think many other women can as well. My new rule is: if I can’t pronounce it, it’s got no place in my body

  • Beauty in Christ

    YES, taking care of our bodies is non-negotiable, and torturing our bodies not an option. :)) I love that overriding principle that you share throughout this whole article. <3

  • Jason

    way to re-frame this as wellness not vanity! Small pro-wellness choices are things people can be proud about every minute of everyday!

    • The small stuff adds up! And what you’re left with is physical AND mental health

  • These are all really great tips and things to remember, and as you said, I love that they’re flexible and realistic. It means nothing if what we’re doing isn’t healthy/sustainable!

  • Megan Arce

    Beautifully said Cayanne! Could not agree with you more it’s all about balance and focusing on a healthy life style. Thank you for inspiring young woman everywhere with your writing and ideas.

  • I love the way you talk about this stuff, Cayanne. You sound so sensible, and that’s so rare to come by these days. Society totally overcomplicates health to the point that we’re not really healthy anymore. You cut straight through that. Keep being awesome!

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