• Katie Bielak

    Agreed. I’m really surprised that no one has written an in depth article about Kim having body dysmorphic disorder. As a teenager I always thought of it as something that correlated with anorexia. But more and more I look at Kim and the ‘fixes’ she makes to her body and I think: how could she not be plagued with it?
    A lot of celebrities get botox and the like, but Kim has gone beyond that with her butt. Looking at photos of her tiny frame, her chicken legs and her ballooned butt truly is not becoming –and it wouldn’t have been before Kim did it. Even with J-Lo it was different; her butt fit her frame. She was – for the most part – proportioned and it didn’t seem unnatural. With Kim it is EXTREME.
    Because she’s Kim K people go ga-ga over her, her body & her butt. But they’ve been duped. Kim is the equivalent of the ‘Cat Lady,’ only she has a massive following of people that adore her. So she makes these crazy changes to her body, people eat it up, and next thing you know everyone is doing deep squats, dead lifts & wearing waist trainers.
    But if Kim didn’t look like that, and some random person did, I guarantee you would find memes, tweets & articles (like Russian Barbie, Ukraine Barbie, Human Barbie or even the transgender Kim copycat Thalia) about a woman who had such a twisted self-image of herself that she went to these extremes. Instead, Kim K did it and she became the new version of an ideal shape…all of which so clearly stems from a disorder she has no control over.
    When I look at her I see a mess. I see a woman who has to constantly check her face & take selfies. I see someone who obsesses over dieting on social media. I see the ‘Cat Lady.’ I see ‘Human Barbie.’ Only, she’s the famous version that people want to be like. That’s pretty weighty! That the world’s women would choose to alter their body based on a celebrity’s warped self-image.
    You’re a good writer, you should write about it!