• dnotes

    Can you do a video and/or article on bras? I only found out recently that my true sizing range per Bratabase.com is 30FF to 30G after reading this well done older article
    For years I’d been having ‘hit or miss’ experiences with bras buying anything from 38C,34DDD,36DD and had no idea that there was such a thing as F or G on up bras since no retailers ever had them and that some of the sizes I’d been buying are ‘Sister sizes’-see http://www.brasize.com Also, in my online searches there are many resources including a few free bra patterns for those interested in sewing their own.
    In closing, thanks for taking a stand for what the fashion industry deems ‘Plus size’ Many years ago, sometime in the 1980’s a ‘Plump model’ named Vickie sued and won a case against her employer because they wanted her to lose weight by taking pills, purging and eating far less than is healthy because they wanted a ‘Gaunt, Heroin Look’ for the runways. I think most of us ‘normal’ females are other than ‘model’ size and look more like you and the bravissimo.com catalog girls almost all look normal and healthy, something the modeling and fashion industries need to come around to!