• Ballookey Klugeypop

    Mostly terrible. Diana’s clothing looks pretty good, with the exception of the high heels. I could imagine the Amazons of Themyscira wearing heels during ceremonial events, but I’m not buying the idea that an island of women warriors choose to wear heels at all times they’re not in heavy battle. That’s nonsense. And Diana can’t be said to be wearing ceremonial dress in the image we’ve seen.

    Then there’s the other three. At least one or two of them are clearly wearing the deadly “Boob Plate” chest pieces. They’re not only non-historical, they would be deadly to the wearer in battle at worst, inconvenient and injurious at best.

    So Nope. Just Nope. I’m fine with revealing clothes – an island of enlightened warrior women probably don’t have much use for needless modesty – but impractical and deadly fighting wear? Nope to infinity and beyond.