• Stella

    “””Assuming that curvy women don’t feel comfortable enough in their body to exercise in front of other people is a huge mistake.””””

    And disregarding that there really are some of us that don’t feel comfortable enough in our own bodies to exercise in front of other people is also a huge mistake. I don’t think she’s assuming that all of us do, but she is giving those of us that do a place to be. That shouldn’t be discouraged, IMNSHO. Self love and encouragement are great. Trying to bust down societal views on this is frakkin’ awesome. But ignoring our feelings isn’t. Let us learn to love ourselves in our own ways. If that means we start out exercising in an exclusive class to get comfortable with ourselves and learn that our bodies can do it, then let us to it. Don’t bash the people trying to help us in that endeavor.

    • Jessica Fansler

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    • Lolly Lolly Lolly

      Also curvy girls get a lot of hate and judgment at the gym even if they feel great about their bodies 🙁 I really do think that this is a good thing to have available, we just ALSO need regular yoga classes to be accepting of all shapes and sizes.