• Phelts

    This show is a misogynist bag of feces that is as intellectually and artistically lazy and insulting as it is offensive. I’m not going to cry a river over a woman who intentionally misrepresents violent misogynists as romantic heroes it’s womens responsibility to fix getting dragged on Twitter.

    Also, what she actually said is that people like her are above criticism, equating justifiable criticism with hate speech and bullying.

  • merwordup

    The writers are just as dumb as the fandom that constantly pander to: Hookers/CS.

    Challenging Jane’s notion that OUAT’s ratings are excellent is not being mean, it is being truthful. Adam/Bridigett funko girl/Jane have constantly equated criticism to “bullying.” They just don’t want to face up that OUAT’s writing is horrible and highly offensive. It is no wonder that they have cultivated one of the most toxic fandoms on the current TV landscape. People really should stop engaging these incompetents on Twitter, its been 5 years and you should already know how they will respond.

  • Kyne

    They’re not the same. Being called out for the factual result of your work is by far, far, FAR not the same as being harrassed because your body is not conforming to current beauty standards.

    Saying the two are one and the same is disrespectful, hurtful and pretty much a slap in the face of the actual victims of bullying.

    If my customers tell me I’m doing a bad job and that the quality of the services and products I deliver is not satisfactory, and if my boss tells me they’re right because numbers are down, they’re criticizing my work and stating facts, not attacking me personally on the basis of their subjective values of beauty or personality.