• Tweeter Gal

    Thank you for inviting me to comment and review the issues with this blog post. I would love to share my experience with you. I was a customer for 2 years before becoming a distributor. We are a “nutraceutical” company, not a pharmaceutical one, which is why we don’t get reviewed by FDA. Respectfully, Dr. Michael Kaplan did not research our wrap specifically, as he would have known that our wrap is not based on water loss, but rather a gel that travels deep into tissue. As a matter of fact, we ask that you drink half your water weight and let your skin breath. We also ask that you not work out and sweat, with wrap on, so that your pores allow the botanical based formula to travel inward. When you sweat, your pores push toxins out, blocking anything from entering. I can also refer you to Dr. Don VerHulst, who has researched our specific wrap. I encourage you to get some data from this doctor who actually has real factual data and knowledge of this specific product. Asking Dr. Michael to comment on a specific product he knows nothing of is like asking Mary Kay to comment on Avon and vice versa. It’s like asking me to comment on any product I’ve never used or examined. This is not your old wrap of the 1980’s that made you sweat…. Nothing lasts. Not even surgery. As with diet and exercise, you must continue any regimen. If you research, you’d see we have been around for years and growing. Many of our products are GMO-free. I am one of the lucky ones where my results have been progressive to permanent. We have doctors and nurses, and hair salons who use and distribute because they work. Lastly, and most importantly, 105k+ families across America are distributors in this healthy 15-year, debt-free company. In order to stay in business, your product has to work, and you must have repeat customers to sustain. I’ve been on both sides and, I am very happy with the results of this natural product. I personally have 16 members on my distribution team, all of who I feel a responsibility to, and we have doctors, nurses and estheticians. I know they would not ruin their careers if it didn’t work. I know 2+ year customers like myself would not come back if it didn’t work, especially become distributors. My time is valuable. Our CEO would not have been named top leader in the world, Forbes magazine would not have put themselves on the line 3 times for us, and I know Sex and The City would not have attached their movie to us if we were fake. Thank you for inviting me to comment. Olga Marquez (MsWrapsLA / IG: misswrapsla)

    • Erin Moore

      Please point me to any published scientific research done by Dr. VerHulst. I am not talking about anecdotal stories from him, I mean real scientific research that supports these wraps. You said research was done, I would love to see the results of his scientific studies.

  • Strangelove

    So you have to use the product, *and change your diet*, and you’ll be thinner. But it’s definitely the product that’s doing the magic, right?

    • Ana

      I watched the video and when she said that eating and working out wasn’t working for her all that time before she used the wraps I was like “then what does?!” I mean, last year I was overweight, I went to a nutritionist and it really did help destroy my bad habits. I reduced calories, no fat, no sugar and I never suffered through it, I enjoyed the process and it actually helped me through a really hideous time in my life, so I tried to commit but it wasn’t hard because I wanted that change and little by little I started to see the results in my body as well.
      It’s not that I’m saying this because hey now I’m on the right track, I’m saying it is as simple as trying to be consistent and patient. By her saying that this product was the only thing that worked for her is just a try hard move in my opinion.
      With the money the other woman spent on that product, in my currency, I can buy the healthy food that I need for my nutritional diet that would last me at least two and a half months and I’d even have money left to pay for my gym tuition as well.

    • Tweeter Gal

      You don’t have to change your diet. I didn’t.

  • Carla Barnes

    um…what happens is you are pushing your edema from one part of the body to another. After I had a tummy tuck I had to wear an abdominal binder to help with swelling. I was hooked on that thing for years after the surgery because of how it made me look. I wore it to bed at night as tight as possible. You can have the same results with a girdle or any abdominal binder.

    • Tweeter Gal

      There is no pushing of edema around. We are not a girdle or compression gadget. It’s a gel that does the breakdown. There is no pressure applied of any sort. The wrap is a completely different product to what you describe.

  • Thanks for posting. Interesting topic to look into for sure.

  • Angelica Little

    Its not designed for weight loss at all.