• 37 Pieces Of Ric Flair

    ” In fact, my mother was always advising that one always looks her best in heels, and she wore hers during her entire pregnancy with me. When I was born, the umbilical cord was tightly wrapped around my neck. My mom’s logic: Amanda just came into the world accessorized.”

    That was one fucking cringe-worthy read.

  • theglasgowgeekgirl

    (I realise how this is going to sound, but.) I genuinely DO wish I had your confidence in wearing clothes that people think are only for skinny people. As a fat sometimes-girl I WISH I felt confident enough to wear stuff like that. Even though I KNOW I should just go for it, I cant muster up the courage. Maybe someday. But that is on ME. You look fabulous! Keep on keeping on.