• Stella

    I like it. I wish I had the “stones” to wear it 😛 When I was considerably smaller chested(A-B), I had no issues wearing cleavage revealing shirts and dresses. But now that I’m D-DD, I am very self-conscious about what I wear 🙁

    • Jo Perrett

      I hear you. I’ve always been self concious about showing cleavage because of my fear of receiving exactly this kind of reaction. So kudos to Ashley rocking it and showing that body confidence trumps haters everytime

  • SpellCoatWeaver

    I love watch her career skyrocket. Like I’ve loved her for years, this is fabulous.

  • TalesFanGirl

    So I guess I’m “ignorant” because I thought the dress was unflattering? Thanks TMS! That dress IS revealing. All you see are her boobs. I can’t even pay attention to her face because all I can look at are her boobs.

    And my opinion has NOTHING to do with her weight. I don’t even think she’s fat.

    That was my opinion on A LOT of the Oscar dresses. I don’t care if you’re skinny, fat, curvy, black, white, Asian, hispanic, etc., I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR BOOBS. That isn’t fat shamming, that isn’t woman shamming, I just don’t want your boobs in my face, no matter how big or small they are. I don’t mind some cleavage, but when your dress shapes your boobs in a way where they are the focal point, it doesn’t make you look attractive no matter what age, race, or body size you are.

    I may be in the minority, but I think TMS dropped the ball on this one.

    • Dave

      I think the point is that Graham is getting tons of flack for this dress when there were plenty of smaller celebrities wearing equally skin-baring dresses who aren’t.

    • SpellCoatWeaver

      It’s fine that you don’t like the dress. I think the article is trying to express the double standard, that if a thinner woman had worn such a dress, the “outcry” would have been minimal, while when a larger woman wears it, there is a much louder pushback. Something which happened to Graham before when she was in a simple underwear commercial.

      And this is a Runway Riot article, not TMS. Affiliated but not the same.

    • Sisyphet

      Ignorant People Thought Ashley Graham’s Oscars Dress Was Tasteless on Someone Her Size

      You’re ignorant if you qualify your dislike of the dress with her body size. If you don’t like it because it’s not your taste that’s cool (like, I didn’t like Charlize Theron’s super huge neckline).

  • Pernoda

    Put it like this, if she was wearing that in The Fifth Element no one would bat an eye.

    • Pontifex

      You’re right!
      That is soooo like something Gaultier would have designed. So much of the costuming for that movie was very tit-centric. Like the cut-outs on the flight attendants.

      • Pernoda

        I know, right!? Boob windows and neon everywhere!

  • Dave

    I mean, personally I think NO ONE needs see-through cut-out dresses, because 99% of the time they are fugly as hell. But everyone should not need them equally and Graham shouldn’t be singled out for it.

  • Itb81

    Love her. Think she’s stunning. Happy she’s happy with her body too.

    That said, I think the dress is super trashy. It’s revealing in all the wrong ways. And I’d just as quickly single out those “skinny bitches” wearing trashy dresses too, if you wrote articles about them of course. Where’s that article about all the skinny girls wearing dental floss?

    Supporting her questionable sense of style because she’s overweight is just as biased as trashing her because of it.

  • Sisyphet

    I love that it looks like her breasts are walking through billowing red curtains like Scarlet O’Hara.

  • Pau

    I don’t know who that woman is (I am not from USA) and of course I don’t think she is fat, but her dress is awful. I just googled it, and so much spotlight for the boobs doesn’t look good.

  • All it is is an ugly dress

  • Flambe

    I didn’t like this dress. Not because it shows her breasts (you don’t see much anyway), but because it is so jarring to see so much bra on the red carpet. I love love love the bra, though, and will probably buy one from her lingerie line, so perhaps that was the intention all along?