• JerseyCowboy

    For every girl that suffers from anorexia or bulimia, over a dozen suffer from obesity, and obesity-related conditions are the cause of a growing number of women’s deaths. Anorexia and bulimia, although troublesome, are much less severe a public health problem than obesity is. Scientists are continuing to prove that although some curves are healthy, there is no such thing as being “healthy fat”.

    • Gail

      Anorexia, while less common, is still much, much more lethal.

    • Stella

      What about the girls that are in the middle of these two extremes and are suffering from the mental/emotional problems that are caused by this nonsense of making girls and women feel they aren’t worthy if they don’t meet some idiotic beauty ideal(made more idiotic when “YOUR HEALTH!!!!” is thrown in to try and justify it)? Just because a girl or woman may be a “healthy” size doesn’t mean she actually is healthy. You don’t know what she has or has not eaten to try and maintain that “healthy” size, you don’t know what she’s pushing her body to do and potentially damaging it to maintain that “healthy” size, you don’t know the thoughts rattling around in her head that keep her from enjoying her life and her loved ones. Sure, those problems may not be fatal, but why do they have to be fatal to be taken seriously?

  • RubioAwakens

    Being overweight alone won’t kill you. Being a couch potato and not exercising will. All a balance and don’t let it get out of control.


    You ALSO can be unhealthy + thin. Being thin does not guarantee health.

  • wulfy7

    Are we expected to believe that anorexic chain smoking models are healthier than plus size models?

  • Gail

    Yes, quit encouraging these women to not starve themselves by providing them with clothes to wear and look good in. What is this designer thinking?!/ sarc

  • Klein Zack

    Tents are comparably accommodating too.

  • Stella

    You know what, who gives a hoot if we’re healthy or not at what ever size we are? Can’t we just feel beautiful no matter what??? If we feel like crap, regardless of our size we won’t do anything to better ourselves, so please STFU with this health shaming horse apples.

  • anna rampage

    You know what else isn’t healthy? Restricting your diet to 600 calories a day so that you can maintain your size zero, and having a bitchy, judgmental attitude that curvy people should not have access to designer clothing….

  • samuel wilson

    Real women have curves!!!

  • ResCogitans

    So says the arrogant ectomorph…

  • gme11

    Being skinny is not healthy either, its just the other side of the spectrum. When she starts getting hip fractures from lack of nutrients, she’ll sing a different song.

  • DanteLaboy88

    “Plus size”= lazy most of the time.

    • progressive and proud

      Some people are genetically predisposed to carrying extra weight yet are healthy. Extra weight does not = lazy even most of the time.

  • Joe333

    Men do not consume this product.
    Fashion models are for other women

    As for their argument…both sides are wrong.
    Men don’t like skinny or fat
    And while we are at it we also don’t understand why all the models are really tall. That’s not a feature men look for at all

    • Joe333

      Men like petite and healthy

      Humans are dimorphic. The things people find attractive are those dimorphic differences. No guy in the world wants to date a girl who is taller then them and women don’t want a man who is shorter.
      They might settle for that but it isn’t the same thing

      • Stella

        I’ve seen plenty of happy content couples that in no way settled on their partners that completely smash your opinion(and that’s all it is, an opinion, it’s not fact). Just because YOU have particular preferences(and yes, some of your friends too, because we do tend to gravitate towards people that share our own interests more than we gravitate to people who don’t) doesn’t mean that you can speak for everyone out there that shares your gender and state your opinion as fact.

      • Wombat99

        Well. There are “typical” preferences, but nothing is universal. There is no one thing that all men like, just like there’s no one thing that all women like. People are different, they like a wide variety of very different things. I’m living proof that not everyone prefers the dimorphic differences; while I can appreciate a variety of “types”, I prefer both men and women who look extremely androgynous. I’ve known guys who preferred tall women (went for them almost exclusively), I’ve known guys who preferred heavy women (went for them almost exclusively). I have a close female friend who is really into rugged guys with beards; we NEVER find the same men attractive (I’m also female, if it matters). Everyone is different, and that’s cool, because it means there’s someone for all of us.

  • llewellynh

    She’s right. I am not healthy because of two diseases and both of them require me to take one medicine for each that says right in the PDR that unwanted weight gain is a side effect.

    So I and the many others with chronic illnesses should wear sack cloths according to this dim bulb.