• Lily Lilac

    This article would be very helpful if you included screencaps of the offending comments, including the ones from the “Bueaty Experts” (if they actually are prominent on social media, I’d like to know so I can avoid). As it is, there’s over 25,000 comments and all the most recent ones are positive.

    • Amanda Johnson

      ITA. Screencaps would be fantastic.

    • franchesca decker

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  • Marie

    I read about this earlier today…WTF is wrong with people?

  • Tasali

    In one of my less-than-stellar dating decisions, I once dated a white man (for a while, too, this wasn’t a one time thing… I dated him for years, and this was hardly the worst thing he ever said) who told me he wanted the “DSL” on white women, or that they were acceptable on me, because I was a paler Latina. For this reason, his most-desired famous woman was Angelina Jolie. She had ample DSL. But he thought black women with big lips were only good for a temporary good time and otherwise unattractive.

    What is the DSL, you ask?

    Why, the DSL are Dick Sucking Lips.

    I’m embarrassed to admit I almost married this man. But in my defense, I was in a terrible state at the time, stupid and young and with the self-esteem of a box of rocks… maybe two on a good day.

    He was pretty gross for a lot of reasons. I thank the Powers That Be to this day still, that another woman intercepted him and turned his head. Although I wouldn’t wish that misogynist bastard on anyone.

    Anyway, this article made me remember that conversation. And it just made me angry and kind of nauseous again.

    • Pontifex

      I worked with a guy who, after I had raved about her in ‘Gia’, told me that he couldn’t watch Angelina because he couldn’t ‘get past her lips’.
      I was a little shocked and annoyed.

  • LLA

    Kylie Jenner gets lip injections: “wow, flawless, YAAAS, work it, fierce”

    Black woman has naturally plump lips: “(racism)”

  • Garry Boldwater

    Just a tip: the term “human garbage” has a long history of use by racial supremacy & eugenics groups.