• Sally

    The fact that women still feel obligated to tear each other down over physical appearance only proves that the patriarchy is still in power. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge that is perpetuating oppression.

    • Fonzy

      I apologize for women making fun of other women. I know I shouldn’t have done that, but I did and I’m sorry.

  • Pontifex

    Doesn’t it suck suck that we are all different?
    Seriously, the internet seems to be the place where everybody as forgotten the time that their mother told them “If you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything.” This is the entertainment industry and its award shows, that are always
    followed by bitchy men and women -“experts” tearing apart the fashion
    choices of the attendees.
    And I’m not talking about gentle ribbing, like Schumer’s post.

    • Garry Boldwater

      Yeah, it was pretty gentle ribbing. It’s definitely nothing compared to the “You are a sick anorexic! Are you gonna puke that up in 15 minutes?” tropes that terminally waifish gals got in the late 1990s. Remember the constant pants-shitting about Ally McBeal?

      That being said, I have never quite understood a lot of the “Schumer’s body” discussions, because she’s never looked that heavy to me. At least not statement-making levels, she just looks like a normal gal to me. She looks like the girlfriends of half of my friends in Brooklyn.

      • Pontifex

        Yeah. I don’t get it either. I often wonder if these guys would feel the same way if they worked with the women they are tearing down, or if they would be falling over themselves trying to hit on them.
        As for McBeal, a lot of the cast was very slender, like say, Nell Porter. Portia di Rossi still is, and is still lovely. As is her wife.

  • I don’t believe Amy was throwing shade, and the fact she named Taylor speaks volumes about acknowledging who she is. It’s funny that neither woman is in the feud. Wish fans were as mature as the people they idolize. And yes, I’m aware I’m biased here.

    Ah, fandoms! We’re always known by our weakest links. Sorry you only got rotten apples in the batch. It’s ugly how Amy, Bridget and Taylor get called names by fans in that instagram comment thread when all three women are self proclaimed feminists. Fans need to stop feeling that you must protect the object of your adoration by stepping on other people. Some thicker skin would help.

    Still a fan of both Taylor and Amy. If one of them had tried to take credit for the other’s success or think she was owed sex because of that, that would be a different can of worms. Imagine if someone did that. Imagine if a guy actually said that. Now that would be stupid.