• Bob Smith

    Lol…”body shaming”

  • John Rambo

    she thinks she is so edgy!! ugh

    • OnePercenter

      Whereas fat people are not edgy at all.

      See what I did there??

      • John Rambo

        yes,i see

  • Corey Spirit-Fingers


    Check out the love handles on little piggy herself. Who is she calling fat? She really needs to look in the mirror.

    • MMAChuckC

      That’s her hips, dumbass…

      • Corey Spirit-Fingers

        Those are love handles made out of bacon.

  • inLimbo

    She seems nice.

  • AMP2020

    Good. There needs to be a push back on all this Social Justice Warrior garbage.

    This debate on SkyNews is fantastic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTn68Qycz0U

    She just gets destroyed.

    • hmmph

      his hair is glorious

      • Roy Batty

        I’m just going to assume that was sarcastic (that or where you come from “glorious” is a synonym for “terrible”).

    • OnePercenter

      How can you watch that crap?

  • Wootpool

    “If SJW spent half as much time working out as they do tweeting about body shaming, they wouldn’t have anything to complain about soon. ????”

    Well that pretty much sums it up doesn’t it?

    • Al Harken – Hail Hydra!

      I would still hit that

    • Notamiso

      There’s a difference between commentary and malice. I think overweight is a controllable condition and that to do so requires behavioral changes and psychiatric support. So, while I found the video funny, I’m certainly not going to advocate mean-spirited behavior towards individuals. There’s no upside to being purposefully unkind.

      So, people who say that we shouldn’t be cruel to fat people aren’t “SJW’s” (a bullshit designator in any case) but people who might conflate not being cruel with endorsement of unhealthy choices. The two are different. That makes them poor logicians, but not utterly wrong.

      Anyone who advocates for their own interests or those of like minded people can be accused of being a SJW. Anti-choice? SJW. Anti-immigration? SJW. Pro (Christian) school prayer? SJW. Pro (against all logic and historical documentation) display of the Confederate flag? SJW.

  • LiberalGhouls

    She can still sit on my face and grind for an hour or so if she likes.

    Is that wrong?

    • Al Harken – Hail Hydra!

      Id hit it

  • Jordan

    Fat people are disgusting. That BS about being “big boned” and “Its a disease”. F**k that, you are fat because you don’t work out and cant stop eating. Simple.

    • bigpencil

      Agree. Just got off a big cruise where the land hippos were everywhere – huge, blob-like men, women and kids who stuffed their big, fat faces all day and all night. Disgusting.

  • JerseyCowboy

    For every woman whose health is suffering from anorexia or bulemia, there are dozens of women whose health is suffering because of obesity.

    • Larry Evans

      I sell XXXL T-shirts with the slogan, “I Beat Anorexia”

  • RINO_InNameOnly

    The original was funny……once.

    Can’t imagine a sequel of mean spirited ‘advice’ being well received though.

  • mdsman

    If ti offends, don’t watch
    If it makes you feel bad about yourself, don’t watch and thnk about why it makes you feel bad

    • Sean Legge

      How do I know whether I will be offended or not unless I watch it? O_o

      • mdsman

        The title?
        A quick google search?
        The minute you feel offence, stopping?
        Have a twinkie

        • Sean Legge

          You’re an idiotic body-shamer.

          Ooops! I guess you shouldn’t have read that.

          • mdsman

            So, fat people feeling bad about feeling bad is because people know they are fat

  • csteve

    I’d hit it

  • .Guest2015.

  • Notamiso

    The first one was funny. We feel free to rip on smokers, drinkers, drug users, aggressive drivers, gun owners, people who get hair transplants or plastic surgery, etc. Overweight is a condition that is challenging, but it is largely a result of bad behavior and some psychological issues.

    Fat people can choose to be less fat. There’s no debate about that. I’m under no obligation to tell fat women that I find their aesthetic beautiful. I’m under no obligation to donate my personal space to fat people. I can sympathize with those who are struggling to make necessary changes in their lives. I don’t feel sorry for or obligated to fat people who want to be fat. I care no more for their choices than I do for the choices of people who tattoo their faces and necks.

    Ultimately, fat people need to understand that becoming unfat requires that they put their bodies to work; that involves self-inflicted discomfort. But complaining about the discomfort of exercise as somehow less preferable to the discomfort and real health risks of being overweight is just nuts.

  • TellMeImDreaming

    The internet is very sociopath friendly.