• Eridani Black

    Hm. I’m a little disappointed…I was hoping this story would be about how fucked up it is that laziness is being sold as a “cute” lifestyle choice for 20-and-30-something white chicks, while lazy is still being thrown around as a pejorative towards WOC…even when they’re hustling and busting their lady balls.

  • Fonzy

    I…I don’t get it.
    Is this a stereotype I missed. It seems as if the article is presenting this idea that there is a preconceived notion that women are not in to putting effort into stuff and just want to half ass it lazily. Maybe I missed the point, i’m honestly not beyond entertaining that possibility because I did not know this was at all a common thing when it comes to women. People are lazy, people procrastinate and don’t bother putting in the effort and often don’t want too. It is easier to be lazy and many really rather enjoy that.

    But when I think of lets say ‘working out’, I think of it the same as with men working out. Putting in the effort or half assing it like any number of other people who do that same. I mean the lazy man slob who doesn’t bother with anything has been a trope for ages and it seems like the whole ‘lazy girl’ thing is a marketing ploy working the other side of the coin.

    I just…I dunno I do not see this as being ‘a thing’. There’s no perception i’ve come across, there’s no damage I can see this doing. I don’t see it as some unpleasant new trend because as far as I’ve known men and women both of all walks of life have their lazy people and their non-lazy people.

  • Hexiva

    This confused me. Is the complaint that these guides *exist,* or that they’re labelled as “lazy”? Because if it’s the former – speak for yourself? I could use some DIY toothpaste. Have you tasted the stuff they sell at the store? It’s all on a spectrum between “revolting” and “actively painful” – and my disability means it can often be pretty difficult to get out to buy hygiene products, although this has never hitherto been a problem with toothpaste. I wear leggings just to lie about in.

    And if it’s about the latter, it seems to be kind of messily written, because lines like “It’s ridiculous to buy into the idea that young women don’t care enough
    to buy toothpaste and need a way to make some out of odds and ends” seem to suggest that you object to the mere existence of such guides.

    Eridani Black above brings up that there’s often a race component to labeling people/activities lazy, and I think there’s also often a disability component. I remember, for example, one Tumblr post about a device to help people put socks on, which was full of smug able-bodied people going “no one is that lazy” until someone pointed out that maybe some of us have trouble with socks. The total lack of any mention of these issues, (plus the flat assertion that no one could ever have difficulty doing . . . things I have difficulty doing), makes this whole article seem like it’s coming from a place of oblivious privilege.

  • Thursday Next

    I feel like the laziest way of doing things would be to just not brush your teeth? DIY toothpaste sounds like some to a lot of effort required.