Jet’s Lingerie Campaign Didn’t Just Go for Body Diversity, They Cast Women With Accomplishments

South African retailer, Jet, may have Valentine’s Day most tolerable lingerie campaign this year.

Instead of selling, ‘this is hot and your man will love it,’ Jet is serving treat yo’ self realness. Because it’s pretty backwards that a holiday all about love, makes people feel the opposite. The Jet love yourself campaign, is celebrating self-love, and it looks good.  Similar to the Target Australia lingerie ad, the campaign features an array of women in their undies, feeling fierce and taking no prisoners.

But in a true gesture of inclusivity and body positivity, Jet didn’t hire models. Instead, they opted for successful, professional South African women. The campaign includes singer-songwriter Leanne Dlamini, publicist Melanie Ramjee, artist Yoliswa Mqoco, writer Meg de Jong, feminist Nova Masango, architect Esther Narindwa Shaidi. Everyone in the campaign video shares why they–go figure–love themselves and their bodies. 

This campaign, like the gorgeous Dove commercials, goes beyond the boundaries of body positivity by showcasing women that aren’t models but mothers, sisters, daughters, and women we all can relate to.

From Jet themselves: “This Valentines day, we want to encourage women to not only love those around them but to love and celebrate themselves.”

Check out the campaign video here:

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