• Bob

    People need to just get over the fact that body types are labelled in the modelling world. The standard fashion body type for a woman in the industry is tall and thin, if someone in the industry wants to hire someone that’s not tall or not thin then they need a way to describe them. Plus size is an industry term and is not meant to apply to the general population.
    You’re right about dropping “Normal” as these body acceptance people are just making people who are not this new normal size feel bad, and in some cases leads to bullying.

    • Stella

      But the modeling world body type labelings don’t make people that don’t match the label feel bad, and lead to bullying? It’s only the body acceptance people that causes this?

    • Liverpool Patti

      The fashion industry is not going to use models who aren’t not tall and thin. Clothes look better on this type of figure and they are in the business of selling clothes.

      • Sean Legge

        Except, the industry IS using models who aren’t tall and thin! The article includes links to stories about plus size models Bishamber Das and Ashley Graham. The names of Barbie Ferreira and Jordyn Woods appear in the article in bold; they, too, are curve models. Heck, even some of the ADS for this article feature plus size women!

      • Stella

        The clothes made for tall and thing look better on tall and thin than they do on other body types. But if the clothes are made to fit the body type, regardless of that type, they will look good. The problem is that the clothes aren’t being made to fit other body types than tall and thin.

  • Fonzy

    I agree. We need to get the word Normal removed from the dictionary so people who think they might not fall into said categories of normal do not feel bad.
    ‘Oh these arent the seasoned fries theyre the normal fries……WELL WHAT ISN’T NORMAL ABOUT BEING SPRINKLED WITH DELICIOUS CAJUN SEASONINGS HUH!?’

  • Beelzebub

    I’d bang the brunette and blonde.

  • takemeimyours

    But what about the thin womenz?

  • robertoV05

    Sounds like you want this to be an “ideal” world. Don’t you know any better by now?

    • Cindy Baker

      Is it always raining in your world?

  • Sean Legge

    “Plus size” is as much a label as “normal”, but using the latter to describe the former is just an acknowledgement that the statistics of the models who are put in this box (average weight, average waist size, etc.) are closer to the corresponding population parameters than those who are not put in this box.

    • Sandra Brady

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  • MrEightEx

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for “normal” to be what is common? If “plus-size” is normal (and in the US I think it is) then it should be called normal. Seems logical to me.

    • Squinty

      No. The problem with “normal” is that it isn’t synonymous with common. Normal is a spectrum that INCLUDES common, but isn’t limited to it. It’s what is common + outliers that aren’t common, but still part of the spectrum of human body shapes.
      Just like being a ginger isn’t common, but is normal; or how being tall isn’t common but is normal, and so on.

  • I felt Joe Concha’s Banhammer

    Can we say “She’s a little fat, but that’s OK”? Those women are fat, overweight, whatever you want to call it (and so am I.) We can be accepting of that, but why lie and say it is “normal”? Typical, might be a better descriptor.

    • Sean Legge

      It is good that you have reclaimed the word “fat”, like Camryn Manheim did in the acceptance speech for her 1998 Emmy, but you should know that it is now considered derogatory.

  • Walter

    Maybe we need more objective terms for describing peoples body types.

  • PretenderNx01

    Is this one of those “skinny girls are normal too” articles? Like #WhiteLivesMatter :p

    Normal is common, regular and normalized and let’s be real, curvy is more common than skinny and skinny is frequently “achieved” in an unhealthy manner. So yeah, she has a normal body.

    FYI, it’s over the idealized-weight people who have been made to feel abnormal more often, so saying they are “normal” is a positive thing.

  • alexm

    Can we acknowledge that no one in the fashion industry is ‘normal’ and that it takes a superhuman effort of makeup, lighting, hairstyling and various other things to create these photos, and that even in your ‘candid’ selfie shots, those are still women who competed with many other women to be in that role. They’re still models. It’s great to see variety in the industry, but that’s still hardly representative of the average. What about all the naturally thin girls, or the…less endowed ones, or anyone who varies from this perceived ‘normal’. So unless we’re referring to the fact that they are human women as opposed to say, aliens, I think normal, while its intended use is fine, and continued use is probably also fine, should come with the understanding of what that actually means, referring to ‘plus-size’ models, as opposed to normal meaning ‘is what you’re supposed to look like’.