• Garry Boldwater

    So, this is why I miss true punk rock. The most militant thing a feminist could do is throw away her spanks, stop the tweezing, and put on a “Fuck the Pope!” t-shirt. Nothing makes you look worse than trying to look good.

  • Marie

    Nobody needs Spanx. If you want them, and they make you look/feel good, then great! But nobody needs that stuff.

  • katiebat

    They say “But skinny women need Spanx too!” and all I hear is “Even skinny women aren’t good enough for nice clothes!”

  • NRA

    You only “need” Spanx if you are dying to know what it feels like to be a sausage.

  • Kate Cooley

    If you look at that girl in that particular dress, though, you can see it doesn’t fit her right. The saleswoman was trying to upsell undergarments, she wasn’t fatshaming her. It’s not like she ripped the dress off her, called her Fatty-Fat and made her wear a muumuu.

    And the worst part is that the girl was only trying it on to make her mom happy. It’s not a flattering dress on her, but if she did want it… yes, she needs something underneath because it’s not a good look for her without it.

    Hey, back in the day, there were also things called slips that went under dresses so you didn’t get VPL. This isn’t news. And that’s not even touching on girdles. Fashion is a business. They want your money. If that means selling you extra crap, then throw an X or a Z on it to make it hip!

    • Stella

      Getting it in one size too big and taking it to a tailor would have been good too. It’s too loose in some areas and too tight in others. Spanx isn’t going to fix that problem, tailoring will.

      • Kate Cooley

        It’s been many moons since I was in formal gear (wedding dress) so I always forget about tailoring. If it’s affordable/in your budget, definitely this is the route to go. Especially since you’re right, on second look it is too loose in places. If her heart was set on that style of dress, she’d need to look into that.

        This brings something up that this article, in its desire to stir up fat-shaming trouble, neglects to mention – not everything is off the rack perfect for every body type. Sometimes a little additional effort has to go in.

        The store may not offer tailoring, so the saleswoman probably went with what she had in her repertoire.