• A size 16 could be a size 12 or a size 20 depending on where you are in the mall. Or how big your various bits are compared to how they expect your bits to be sized.

    • DTCarter

      I always had a problem with plus size because many brands the pants were larger in the front, where my weight was more distributed around the middle/sides. I could’ve stashed a bowling ball or two down the front of the pants. Always a good look.

  • Nicole Chase

    Leading to the utterly frustrating “what the hell section do I need to shop in at THIS retailer?” question!

  • stelae

    You know what’d be awesome? Tags with actual measurements on them. I have no idea what size I am in various brands, but I know I’ve got a 105 cm hip measurement.

    • aimeemarie

      As someone who shops a lot of secondhand (partially because of vintage, where sizes are even less of an indicator, partially because I can’t be bothered to go to the mall), always carry a fabric measuring tape on you when you go shopping, until they change this arbitrary sizing nonsense. Men don’t have arbitrary sizes pants-wise. It’s just another way to make us feel bad about ourselves.

  • Lessa

    And plus sized does’t mean just take the regular clothing and cut it bigger. I’m average height but my plus size clothes are rarely LONG enough. I need more material running from top to bottom than just side to side. And understand that plus sized women have different sized chests. Just because I have bowling balls in the front doesn’t mean my friend doesn’t have soft balls and that can make the fabric drape weird. I’ve got small shoulders too, so plus sized sometimes mean I get the unintentional off-the-shoulder look.

  • Chloe Winter

    Also note that most ‘plus’, ‘curve’, and ‘extended size’ clothing is never in the stores. You have to hope the measurements listed for sizing are applicable to the item you want to buy and order it online. Even if Lane Bryant is ridiculous for SO MANY REASONS, at least I can go into the store and try a thing on. Old Navy and many others are online only. When they were in stores, they didn’t advertise or promote them at all and then dropped them from their brick and mortar stores because their sales were low. Except … they didn’t tell anyone they had them?

    And then you get places like Target, which actually sometimes has cute stuff that is fairly inexpensive, but they devote about 5% (if that), of their sales floor to plus sizing and cram it in between the maternity and the misses career sections. There’s barely anything there. If you go to Kohls, their plus sizes rarely get to size 24 and they’re often sized smaller than they ought to be at the given size marked. Walmart has a bigger section than Target and they’re better fitted than Kohls clothes, but … they’re often frumpy, very basic, and poor quality.

    *Frustrated forever*