People Are Accusing Kim Kardashian’s Cool BFF of Body Shaming Young Women

Another day, another Kardashian update. Today we discovered some people calling out the friend Kim asks to deliver her urine samples.People are accusing her super cool-looking bestie Jonathan Cheban of body shaming young women on the internet and later deleting his tweets because maturity.

Hey @JonathanCheban why do you delete your vile tweets that shame young women & make them feel bad about their bodies? Just own it man!— Josh Charles (@MrJoshCharles)

Jonathan didn’t deny it, either, because, well… they started it.

But he doesn’t discriminate. He claims he’s down to tweet some thoughts on anyone who hates on his amazing life.

And here’s this, too. 

So, if you’re looking for a lesson in internet etiquette, maybe steer clear from following this GROWN MAN who allegedly tweets and later deletes harsh comments on people’s “horrible” pics. Chances are you won’t miss out on much other than him raving about how awesome he is or how much money he made by breathing next to a Kardashian.

Cool manners, though, bro.


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