• Zack

    So basically a bunch of bros are trying to “How come THEY get to say it???” slut-shaming. Seems like a good use of emotional energy.

  • I think the lad expected Amy to roll with it. And was caught off guard by how serious she was. Maybe she had a bad day? Most comedians have a way to roll with hecklers or just themselves being put on, so I see a lot of comedians not letting Amy off the hook with this.

    Amy seems to be in a weird place. She tries hard to side with PC comics, but wants to be respected by the non pc stand up comics.

    EDIT: psh… portals. This better be a accident TMS. -___-

    • Tony P. Henderson

      I would’ve expected any good comedian to fire back with a retort as well. But to your point, maybe a bad day, maybe it rubbed her the wrong way.

      • demosthenese10

        “well, you lasted longer than @billhader. Though, not saying much. #trainrekt”

    • dinodoc

      Given her comedic act, I’m shocked she was offended.

      • PretenderNx01

        A lot of comics have thinner skins that you’d expect. Hannibal Buress is trying to roll back on everything he said about Cosby. It’s kinda weird.

    • emhanf

      They’ve, unfortunately, been doing a lot of this as of late. Linking to Runway Riot via TMS main page.

      It’s a shame. I want to keep coming to and reading TMS, but part of me wants to stop if they, well, keep linking to this trash.

      • Yeah, not cool. I expect to stay on same page when I click on a article, and not give another site a tic.

        • Pontifex

          In defense of TMS, the link was clearly labeled twice, as requested by myself and others, a while ago. It was very annoying to find one’s self on another site without warning, but now, if you see [Runway Riot], don’t click.
          Also, this is an article that would have instead appeared on TMS prior to the creation of Runway Riot.

      • Pontifex

        In defense of TMS, the link was clearly labeled twice, as requested by myself and others, a while ago. It was very annoying to find one’s self on another site without warning, but now, if you see [Runway Riot], don’t click. Also, this is an article that would have instead appeared on TMS prior to the creation of Runway Riot.

    • Jessica Murlock

      It’s because she doesn’t owe that guy, you, or any other man fuck all to just “go along with the joke”. Just accept that it wasn’t a funny joke, and move the fuck on. Women are tired of you lot whining when you don’t get your way.

      • I could make a comment about YOUR lot, but your reply does wonders on it’s own. lol

        • Jessica Murlock

          Thanks for proving my point. Women don’t owe you jack shit. Time for you boys to learn that.

  • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

    He made a mistake. Amy took him to task for it. He saw what he did was wrong, he didn’t try to justify it or double down on it, he apologised, they seemed to reach an accord about it. So of *course* guys would come along and stir things up in order to “support” him…

    • Tony P. Henderson

      and of course people would write articles about it to try to stir things up.

      • Low Mileage Pit Woofie

        That, or it was written to point out to the unsuspecting out there, folks who might behave similarly, that such actions *are* inappropriate.

  • Ryan Colson

    It’s good to see him apologizing and Amy accepting it, especially after all the flipflopping she did on her own racist past a few months ago

  • Austin

    Big difference between self-deprecating and insulting.

    • IJustWannaSayThis

      Shortest and most accurate explanation!

  • dinodoc

    Amy Schumer Ridiculously Shames Kid For Doing an Amy Schumer Joke: http://www.mediaite.com/online/amy-schumer-ridiculously-shames-kid-for-doing-an-amy-schumer-joke/

    “Wait, I’m confused now, is Amy upset that she didn’t get to bang Murphy’s dad, too, or that Dad didn’t tweet about it?

    See, that was offensive, and also exactly the kind of joke I would have expected Schumer to make in this situation. Jackson Murphy is absolutely right, his tweet wasn’t funny, but it was obviously an attempt, by a fan, to play along with the joke that Schumer makes in every show she ever does. It’d be like making a selfie joke about Gallagher, and having him respond “Oh, I get it, because I’m the guy whodoes nothing but smash watermelons.” Yeah, motherf*cker, you are the guy who does nothing but smash watermelons. Besides, if you believe Schumer’s fans (of which I am definitely one), the thing he’s joking about is nothing to be ashamed of.”

    • Lando Lakes

      I kind of feel bad whenever a celebrity replies to a non-celebrity’s tweet, even if it’s a juvenile joke like this (and again, he’s a kid) because they’re not on an even level. One time some guy tweeted that he thought Simon Pegg was boring and Pegg retweeted it, and of course his fans all dogpiled on the guy until Pegg said ‘he’s had enough.”

      • PretenderNx01

        Bieber had that, he re-tweeted a girl saying she didn’t usually like Bieber was was really into a song he had out which he thought was cool that he was still getting new fans.

        Then all the Bieber fanatics got jealous he never retweets them and this girl who doesn’t even like him got attention from him. It got crazy.

        • Lando Lakes

          Yikes. To be fair what schumer did was a lot milder and things turned out okay.

  • Akane

    I don’t think the boy made that joke with any malicious intent, he was just trying to create a joke that Amy herself would use and the joke flopped, he handled it as best as he could said sorry that it hurt the person he was trying to make laugh and they both seemed to have buried the hatchet.

    Some jokes will fail and not be considered funny this is one of those moments.

  • David Cruickshank

    I’m finding it quite interesting that quite a few people out there seem to be reading Amy as being quite offended, and even aggresive.

    I personally read it as being faux-mocking over the simplicity of his joke, a sort of “nice attempt kid, but leave it to the professionals”.

    I have a sneaking suspicion she would have been read as much less offended and much more jocular if she’d been male. Of course, the joke at her expense would be unlikely to have even been made.

  • looneylad

    LightsCameraJackson gives terrible reviews and stuff anyway.

    • PretenderNx01

      I’d never heard of him before, so if anything he’s got attention and that’s all anyone in the media wants anyway. :p

  • Ikea Monkey

    Chelsea Handler would have thought it was hilarious if the kid had written that about her. That’s one of the reasons I like her more than Amy.

  • Tyler Foster

    Note: the Tweet credited to @TyleKurner is actually by someone else, directed at him. https://twitter.com/onemoore/status/689165514069938177

  • Darth Veronica

    you claim that the guy implied that he had sexual relations with her when he clearly and obviously made an amy schumer like joke (not saying it was a good joke) and amy decides to throw a hissy fit because he jumped her punchline and you try to be dishonest about what he was implying. but I guess hypocrites like to stick together

  • Chaz Gomez

    Honestly what confuses me the most about all this is why this has become such an important issue to the media… This seems to be a mistake/misunderstanding that two adults dealt with… Why are there so many articles like this yammering on about it? Honestly, I don’t understand…

  • Craig_Ranapia

    I can explain why that joke wasn’t funny in five words:

    Statutory rape is a crime.

    • brainhurt_and_fear

      Agreed, but that’s not the only problem with the boy’s comments. We can call ourselves names (“stupid,” “whore-ish”, etc ) to our delight, but for strangers to suggest the same is stepping over the line of civility.

      Glad she called him out.

  • Gabriel

    Amy sucks her humor is juvenile and unimaginative. If your whole career is based on promiscuity you better deal with the jokes. Just like Richard Pryor joked and dealt with the jokes about setting himself on fire free basing.

  • trlkly

    You kinda forgot to actually make your case. You say it’s wrong, but you don’t say why. So ironically the article only bothers to explain the side you disagree with.

    And it’s not hard. “Just because someone uses self-deprecating humor doesn’t mean you get to insult them. It’s like how you can give your friend a hard time, but no one else has the right to say anything.”

    And nice troll headline, too. I turned adblock on before seeing your page because I knew what you were doing.

  • R.V

    “I used to date Hispanic guys but now I prefer consensual.” – Amy Schumer

    Yeah, Amy can go fuck herself.

  • calamityjanedoe

    Let me make it clear to everyone, assuming your brain functions are normal:

    Just because a woman shares anecdotes about her sex life does not mean she deserves in any way creepy, disgusting, predatory behavior toward her. A comedienne or not, a woman or not, coming from a kid or not–there is no excuse whatsoever.

    This teen in particular apologized, and good for him. But let’s be clear: for every single man and woman who somehow believes any woman “deserves it” for xyz reasons–you’re not simply slut-shaming, you also fall into the camp of people finding excuses to engage/support creepy, disgusting, predatory behavior against women. Just because you’re hiding behind a computer screen doesn’t negate what you’re doing.

  • Insert Name Here

    It also comes off a little pedophile because he’s 17. Like a student bragging about fucking a teacher.

  • Daisy Darko

    Does every black guy she makes fun of reply to her saying, “because Im a rapist? Because Im lazy? or whatever the punchline is for any of her offensive jokes? I dont mind offensive humor, but I do mind hypocrites.

  • chizwoz

    Lol “men are defending him”. No, normal people are defending him. He made a silly joke and got randomly jumped on by an internet mob for it. Amy’s response was really bad form for a comedian.