Rachel Roy Surprised Us With Modern Prints for Curvy Women

Remember not too long ago when designer Rachel Roy announced she was making a collection for curvy women, and we were a little peeved because it was for the less sophisticated, cheaper little sister line called Rachel Rachel Roy? Yeah, we’re still not entirely over the message behind that business strategy, but this helps.

Today, Refinery29 previewed these photos of none other than sex machine Candice Huffine sporting the new Rachel Rachel Roy threads. Candice could make our jaws drop in bubblewrap, but we’ve got to admit that we are surprisingly pleased with the peace offerings from Rachel Rachel Roy.

As promised, there are some bold prints, but they feel modern and on-trend (particularly this matching set).

A print we’d actually touch.

Fortunately the prints don’t make our eyes sting like other options you might find in the Macy’s “plus size” section. Added bonus: there seems to be zero bedazzled things or a print you’d rather see at Chico’s, so let’s all get in a line and do the Macarena to celebrate that success story.

Along with prints are thankfully some minimalist staples, too, like this white dress with a a cool, sleek cut. We’re already planning out what wedding we can crash in this little number this spring.

“Hmm, am I cooler than you? Yes. Yes I am.”

Check out more photos of Candice killing the style game below.

’70s Boho Candice.

Looking a tad distressed.

Umm can we join this no pants party?


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