• Esther Kruman

    Love the article. I’m surprised that he thinks no one would know who Carrie Fisher is, though—her parents were both extremely famous themselves: Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. Also, the fact that he proposed kindergarten teacher (a stereotypical female occupation) as her alternate profession further emphasizes how absurdly sexist he is. As for the comparison to drugs, Carrie Fisher has been extremely open about her experiences with addiction; I think it’s safe to say that she knows a good deal more about the subject that he does.

  • Pontifex

    I hope the tabloid is getting flooded with angry letters and e-mail.

  • Lemikonkon

    My whole issue with this bullshit is: so many people have talked about Carrie Fishers weight, why is no-one talking about Mark Hamil’s weight? At a guess he probably had to lose more weight for the role than she did, but it seems like we’re only talking about the woman’s weight, gee I wonder what that could be indicative of?

    • opalexian

      He’s also like a foot taller than her with a broader frame. Even if he was supposed to lose 10 lbs more than her (to hide under the huge piles of Jedi robes???) it doesn’t scale

    • Amanda

      Because no one is saying Hammil aged badly and should be grateful for being in SW again because he is old, ugly and useless?

    • Avedon

      It was the “ordinary people” line that got me. Movies and television are full of ordinary-looking guys who no one would give a second look to in real life, somehow being the romantic lead who gets the gorgeous girl. Some of those guys are even fat and/or bald or balding. And way too many of them need a shave. Hey, it’s the movies, why isn’t this guy great-looking?

  • stelae

    Reasons I care about Carrie Fisher:

    1. She gave me a heroine who was perfectly capable of rescuing herself.
    2. She’s one of the best living examples of dealing with mental health issues honestly, bravely and with humour.
    3. Her enormous brain. She’s made far more as a script doctor and writer than as an actor.
    4. She’s a dog person, and therefore a right-thinking individual.
    5. She calls this sexist bullshit out for what it is.

    • opalexian

      I just need to reply that I love you. ‘Writing about yourself’? A good chunk of what she writes about is her struggle with mental illness. Substance abuse is the snout of that invisible elephant that no one wants to talk about but she does anyway because she’s a badass.

      ‘Owes everything to Star Wars’? Maybe she would have started in a smaller film if not SW but she was likely on the way to being in the family business anyway and this writer seems to forget that she’s Hollywoid royalty. People STILL ask her how she feels about her parents’ ‘scandal’ 50 years ago when it happens all the time nowadays and she’s answered that question for about 50 years.

      I wish this dude a speedy aging process so he can find out what gaining weight in later life is like. Hint-it’s not what he thinks.

      • Avedon

        I guess you could say Shampoo was a smaller film….

  • lowfatpie

    Kyle Smith is an ass. I adore Carrie Fisher because of who she is and what she’s accomplished. I don’t give a toss about her weight. I wonder when we are ever going to stop talking about actresses and their weight? it’s so boring!!

  • R_Dave

    Thank you, TMS, for noting articles as “via Runway Riot”. Good on you for respecting your community and giving us a heads up when a link goes off-site. Very much appreciated.

  • Chris L.

    I also want her to lose weight, but not for her looks or her health – those would just be added benefits. I just want Leia to be more involved in the action like she was before. And it wouldn’t be plausible for her to do more action stuff if she wasn’t physically fit. So there. Carrie’s a great woman, but….STAR WARS.