Why Vanity Fair Featuring Lola Kirke’s Armpit Hair Is a Victory for Us All

Her name is Lola, and she has pit hair, and here she is in Vanity Fair with ALL OF IT, RunwayRiot noticed.

Armpit hair. E online may not like it. But it’s a thing that tends to exist naturally when women neglect to wax their entire bodies every four minutes or if they decide JUST TO NOT and stick it to sexist body hair expectations.

Anyway, that’s why we’re actually impressed to see that Vanity Fair has featured a shot of promising young gun Lola Kirke with some pit hair. Yes, that’s how embarrassing overly retouched fashion photos are that we’re actually jazzed about this. Because so often, body hair is approached with the intensity of a search and destroy mission. How do we get rid of any hairs that might lead people to believe she’s human? is a thing fashion magazines ask, probably.

Interestingly, the sight of pit hair is one of the things that makes E online go “um….” and this move is all in the Kirke family. When Lola’s elder sister, sly minx Jemima Kirke, hit the red carpet with what they called “bushy” pits, E online did not approve, and they weren’t on board with Miley Cyrus’s “unfortunate” pit hair either. “Now let’s just hope a third star doesn’t try out this style, in case it becomes this summer’s most hair-raising trend,” they said.

But Vanity Fair’s down with it. At least when it’s on someone as bae as Lola. So all the women win. Look at that. A female in a glossy magazine who wasn’t Photoshopped within an inch of her life and no one dropped dead.

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