• I thought I saw someone comment on here before mentioning that “fat and unhealthy” in the same sentence, whether referring to models or not, is not cool but the comment seems to be missing. I was going to reply to her but anyway, I totally get why you are frustrated with the plus size label. You are not plus size and you have it ingrained that plus size, like “fat” is a negative thing.

    However, lots of people use these labels to find each other online, empower themselves/others and talk about fat/plus size issues in a way that someone who is not fat/plus size cannot possibly fully understand. I have a story concerning this: a tree could talk to a rocking chair for 100 years. The rocking chair telling the tree all it’s stories: babies crying, all the little old ladies and gents he knew, being broken, getting repaired and polished by time, stored in the attic for years alone and finally making out to the woods somehow. Now the tree thinking it has made an amazing discovery goes on to tell all other trees about the rocking chair and how “deeply this effected him emotionally”. All the trees are amazed and think this story telling tree is the so wise and brave for telling its tale. The problem is the tree never experienced anything. His feelings are real toward about the rocking chair’s life BUT instead of introducing the rocking chair to the other trees as someone who has first hand experience the tree makes is all about him. A real “fuck your feelings” moment to the tree if I ever heard it, yeah?

    YES, everyone gets picked on & has body issues. But it is time to talk with the people that ARE “plus size” or “fat” (use your real world definition and damn the “model/media” definition, this site is all about that, right? Time to be real!) and not just say how unfair it is to be labeled something you clearly are not. That is just thinsplaining to the real world plus size/fat people you want to reach and it hurts.

    I would have loved to see a side by side with a size 20+ babe who likes “plus size” and hear how it has effected their life. More like a debate and then hear from viewers. BTW, if you ever decide to do a piece like that I am 100% available as a proud 26/28. Rose Gold | Bodyimageguru.com