• Sean Legge

    The link to this RunwayRiot article appeared in the main feed of The Mary Sue. Are these two sites merging or something?

    • They’re different subsidiaries of the same company. But you don’t see TMS linking to SportsGrid or GossipCop…

      • Ryan Colson

        Give it time, TMS sucks more daily

  • Nigel Bradley

    MarySue… stop linking me to some other site. NOT COOL

    • Aline

      At least without warning. If you think it’s an article worth checking out, cool. But let me know, please.

  • Thiazin Red

    Apart from all that the camera guy was creepy as fuck. Thats “Never speak to me or my husband again, or come within 50 feet” level behavior.

  • Amanda Johnson

    A bit annoyed this is a link to another site via TheMarySue. However, yeah, Love Actually sucks. Also, a lot of the relationships have women hooking up with their bosses. And do any of the stories told from the women’s points of view end happily at all? The only ones I can recall at the moment are Emma Thompson’s story, which ends rather sadly, and Laura Linney’s tale, which ends with her pretty much resigning herself to living a life without love. Sure, the Prime Minister’s assistant is happy, but again, that boss/underling relationship is creepy with its huge imbalance.

  • Thursday Next

    Wait….what is all this fashion bullshit on the side? This isn’t the right site…pretty sneaky TMS.

    • teenygozer

      Sneaky as hell… plus the Banana Republic dress I really liked just sold out!!! Damn!

      • Bartlet4Gallifrey

        I have a theory that THEY ALWAYS ARE.

  • Miranda Jameson

    I can’t help but wonder what this author is thinking. I clicked this article solely to see wtf they were talking about, and even though I’ve finished reading the whole thing, I’m still scratching my head. Having characters who body-shame in a movie but are dismissed or told off for it is not the same has having a body shaming movie. Every single person who comments on Natalie’s weight is depicted as a jerk; and in the end, when David makes his quip, he’s clearly making fun of all those morons. The fact is that we do live in a world where some people body shame, and this movie is fine to depict that there are such a$$hats, but it doesn’t take the side of the a$$hats. Karen’s husband’s straying is not a body shame, and it’s absolutely delusional to say that it is…and I’m not even going to comment on the throwaway characters, because that’s so desperately reaching that it’s not even worth it.

  • Pontifex

    Via Runway Riot: Love Actually And Awful Body Shaming Jokes”

    would have been the way to do it. I realize that RR is a new site, but TMS doesn’t link to MEDIAite or Gossip Cop, or even The Braiser in the same as-if-it-were-the-same-site manner.
    This is not the first time we’ve complained, so please stop.