Women Still Can’t Go to the Supermarket Without Someone Policing Their Bodies

Body shamers, they touch us all in different unique ways. Update: making it through the day without someone saying something stupid about your look is still as unlikely as two identical snowflakes.

Take for example Jessica Rowe, a pizza-eating author who happens to be slim. She can’t even BUY FOODS without someone asking her if she EATS FOODS.

Rowe told Caroline Overington in the latest issue of Australian Women’s Weekly this:

“[More than once I’ve been] lining up at the supermarket checkout when a woman behind me decides to pass judgement — ‘Oh you’re awfully thin, aren’t you. Do you eat?’” she told the publication.“Why do I feel I have to justify my size to a complete stranger? Why am I so meek, mild and polite to this member of the body police?”

She’s over fretting about it though. “[I’ve spent] far too much time worrying about my lack of shape,” the 45-year-old explained. “But all the women on Dad’s side of the family are tall, lean and flat-chested….I like my body. Sure there are things I would love to change. Don’t we all want to suck this in a bit, tighten this up and stick this out? But the older I get, the happier I am.”

This has been your daily reminder that body shamers lurk at every turn on every errand, hating their lives and wishing you hated yours too.

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