• TW: rape culture/sex/dismemberment. Cause this IS what we are talking about here. #thereckoning

    Sure having a pregnancy emoji is awesome. And as for removing the head “this could be anyone” line- entire studies have been done around objectification in advertising/images where heads, torsos, legs, and arms are “hacked off” for pictures. It has been called Dismemberment: where you only need part of a subject/model to sell an idea or product, like long legs or side boob. In this case it is a sexier app being sold but it could be anything beer, gum, cars, underwear. We honestly do need more sex positive rep even in emoji.

    Checking out flirtmoji. They have been passed over by Apple and android because they are “too risque”, compared to Kim’s hot mess they arent. They just don’t have a huge name or following. They are 100% sex & body positive.

    In that same vain- my “fave” of the Kimojis has to be the peach with “frosting” on it. Simulating a semen covered butt. How thoughtful of Kim to add rape culture to her paid app. ???? Contrary to all the porn out there that is not just “how you finish”. Jizzing on your partner is a dominance technique that is so common today it is often thought of as “normal”. It is not. Seriously, go support flirtmoji. They are awesome and not built on a body negative empire like the Kardashians.