• I’m glad you have a platform to air your opinion, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to share your thoughts. I have a couple thoughts:

    You say “curvy” is cool if that’s the way it goes, but isn’t that just another label? Also, you mentioned plus models are perceived as “fat and unhealthy” and I hate hearing those two words together because they’re not exclusive to one another. At the end, you mention something similar with “if you’re happy and healthy.” Even if people aren’t healthy (however you define it), shouldn’t they still love themselves?

    You’re in campaigns everywhere for plus size brands who are selling clothes to plus size women. So when a model comes out and denounces plus size as a term, it seems a little backwards. If “plus size” really does have such a negative connotation, could we just work to reduce the stigma around it instead of creating a more divisive statement? If I go to purchase clothes, I have to look for the plus size section. I need that plus size label. It’s utility, and helps save time so I can figure out which companies will service me and my size, and those that don’t.

    There’s so much discussion about the phrase “plus size” that it stigmatizes it even more. It takes the focus away from just celebrating our bodies as they are, whatever size they are. Confidence and acceptance should come from within, no matter what labels people want to throw on you.

    • iskra

      Hi Emily.

      Yes Curvy is another label, I’m not saying we should or shouldn’t move towards that but currently in the press it is a topic of conversation and many women prefer to be called curvy than plus-size.

      Very try both phrases contain words that aren’t exclusive to each other. However I do not promote anything but encouraging happiness and health and maybe I should have worded this differently however I’m proud to say I would encourage health as it’s something I feel is important – again this is a “my opinion piece I am not trying to tell anyone to do anything it’s simply getting to voice my opinions as I’ve spent the majority of my life being subjected to body scrutiny from the modelling industry.

      I agree it can be convient way to search for larger sizes but why should we be settling to the fact that only select “plus-size” brands do larger sizes I am hoping one day brands will all carry larger sizes and everyone can shop the same way then labels will not be necessary anyway.

      I absolutely love that you say no matter what labels we are given we should focus on self love and confidence I totally agree. I have read research which all says it is easier to coin a new positive phrase than is it to change people’s negative feelings towards a current phrase.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment I loved hearing your opinions

      Iskra x

  • Jonathan

    Having dated women that have curves my whole life I have to say that I have seen first hand on a day to day basis the struggle that many women face. From not being able to find their size in the popular stores in the mall, to worrying about stretch marks, feeling self conscious at the beach, etc. I think its great that we men and women together find the confidence we deserve through being healthy and living an active lifestyle. What you’re doing as a model Iskra is truly great! Plus keep up the hard work. We’re here to support you along the way.

  • Ana Bravo Verduzco

    Hey Iskra, I am so happy that people like you are talking about this subject positively. Being “big” since I can remember and taking critisism and judgement about my body has made stand up and make healthy changes in my life, not to drop weight but to be more confident about myself. I, personally, think that dividing us and labelling us is ridiculous. All women need to know that health and self love are two extremely important things to have in your life. I am still on the path to self love and confidence. People, girls and boys, need to feel happy with who they are….To quote Ashley Graham: “Plus-size? More like my size”. I’m hoping that girls and women will be able to shop in all kinds of shops and not be excluded and jugded because of their size… Thank you Iskra 🙂 Lots of love
    Ana x