• flyover

    I didn’t get the purpose of the story. Then I saw Trump’s picture. These libs are insidious.

    • Riley Whodat Venable

      It was just to show that POS come in all colors, genders, and sexual orientations (unlike Conservative POS).

      • flyover

        You are living proof of that.

  • Fantasy Maker

    I feel so stupid for even clicking on this

  • TheRealCarmenCruz

    They are entitled to their opinions.

  • SickOfGOPTerrorists

    None of those were really even insults. If you want gender equality, get thicker skin, ladies.

  • Rose McDonald

    Wendy who? Scott Disick, for a guy who’s living off his wife’s money …nuff said?
    Karl Lagerfeld; everyone knows by now he doesn’t design clothes for women. Jay Mohr…who?

  • Scorpio777

    None of these people should be shaming anyone but themselves! I’m guessing they have no mirrors in their homes!

  • People are entitled to their opinions (as long as it falls under what freedom of speech actually is) but they should prepare for repercussions on their brand, be it personal or product based if they plan on purposefully excluding people on falsehoods and stereotypes.