• Johnny Penso

    Flat tummy but huge butt and Amazonian body proportions judging by the video. I’d say that’s plus size.

  • Phillip Cabrera

    I thought it was interesting how most of the interviewees were more concerned on what constitutes a “plus size”, rather than what those labels even do for people. Besides deeming them as something they never asked to be regarded as of course. Well, if there’s anybody who’s able to change that social stigma, its you 😉

  • uCANfixstupid!

    If this beautiful woman is plus-size, I’m multiplication-sized!

    Have a blessed day!

  • JonPW

    Just an opportunity to inflate her ego by having a bunch of strangers compliment her appearance. Comes off as self absorbed.

    • 日本国

      Exactly. She’s not even plus-sized.

  • TheSailor

    Big deal, you are plus size.

  • Jacob McNair

    Not plus sized. Just fucking hot.

  • satch7

    this chick is smoking hot