Twitter Wants You to Body Shame Your Pets

Thanksgiving’s tomorrow, and we’re already prepping the mashed potatoes and our patience because we know somebody’s going to ask us why we’re wearing that. Twitter, on the other hand, has made a worldwide call for a different kind of holiday prep: sharing photos of your pet who maybe likes to hit the kibble bowl extra hard.

The company said:

In honor of Thanksgiving being just a few days away, take a gander at these dogs and cats who might’ve eaten a few too many table scraps over the years. And if your furry BFF is packin’ a few extra pounds, send us a photo, Vine or video with the hashtag #FatPets.”

Of course, not everyone was pleased by this call to action, and some called the company out for body shaming

We get it. Cats who can’t see over their bellies and rolly polly Corgis are like Lays potato chips to the Internet. We’re sure Twitter wanted nothing but LOL’s and icebreakers at chilly Thanksgiving tables everywhere by promoting the body shaming of furry creatures. Maybe next Thanksgiving, they’ll change their tune.

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