• Kristi Satterwhite

    I am so thrilled this website is making its long awaited debut. Women of all shapes and sizes should feel confident and empowered to express their own personal style.

    Thank you! I am looking forward to checking out all the latest fashions.

  • latillery

    Lovin ‘ this website already.. Hopefully, I can find tall suits in my size. Very difficult for me now…..

  • Mariah

    I saw this on Good Morning America and went straight to the site to have a look. I have seen a lot of items that I love and wish I could get it. It is so hard to find clothes in my size that fits comfortably. I normally buy clothes a size bigger just to make sure they will fit me and finding women shoes my size is the worst so I end up getting shoes in men’s sizes just to have a pair that will fit me.

  • Margaret Stargell

    This is wonderful!!! Plus size women are REAL women!!!!! Love this site!! So glad its up and running!!! 🙂

  • Cynthia Shedd

    Love it!!! God made us all unique and beautiful!!!